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zerosum dirt(nap)

NH Seacoast Ruby/Rails UG

December 28, 2006 by nap · Comments

I just got word that there’s a Ruby on Rails user group starting up in my area. It’s being organized by Scott Garman and the first meeting will be January 16th at the UNH Library in Durham, NH. More details at Scott’s Blog. It’ll be great to meet some other local Ruby dorks — most of my contract work is non-local and the other devs I know in the Portsmouth area have sadly yet to be bitten by the bug. I’m psyched that someone has taken the initiative to set this up. Thanks Scott!

On completely unrelated news, I’ll be afk for a few days. Heading northbound to visit relatives and then some college friends for a New Years’ extravaganza of sorts. Hopefully I can remember how to play beer die — it’s been awhile. See y’all in 2007!

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