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IntelliJ Ruby Plugin 0.1 Beta Released

January 22, 2007 by nap · Comments

The kind folks over at JetBrains have finally got around to releasing a 0.1 Beta of their Ruby Plugin to the IDEA Repository. If you’re an IntelliJ user, it’s now as easy as going to the plugin manager in Preferences and selecting the Ruby plugin for installation. The workflow is the same as I described earlier but this release brings some important bugfixes; console output is now available, starting/stopping the WEBrick server now works as expected, etc.

In case you haven’t checked it out, the integrated Rails generators and Rake tasks rock, there’s an RDoc toolbar with lookup, goto class functionality, code formatting, and a bunch of other goodies, all detailed in the Release Notes. I got all excited when I saw keyword completion in the list; but it turns out that it’s really just that — although a ticket for proper code completion is listed in the issue tracker it looks like it’ll still be awhile before we get to feel that love. Syntax highlighting in rhtml/builder templates will be huge also (in the roadmap).

I’ve been using RadRails as my RoR IDE so far, but now that the IntelliJ plugin is mature enough to work with I’ll probably start migrating over. Don’t get me wrong; RadRails is a great project (and free!), but IntelliJ is my IDE of choice for Java dev, and I’m psyched to see it evolving into a platform for Ruby development too.

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