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zerosum dirt(nap)

New Years Resolutions

January 03, 2007 by nap · Comments

Back from my requisite holiday visitations and feeling refreshed. Now it’s time to get back to work. Here’s some tentative goals for the new year:

  • Get up earlier in the morning. Start work earlier in the morning. Finish work earlier in the evening.
  • Focus more on Ruby this year, less on Java. Delete PHP from resume.
  • Get a gym membership and actually go on a regular basis.
  • Take a break from client (ie paid) work for a change and get one of my own ideas off the ground before summer.
  • Print some damn business cards. Stop coming up with cute excuses about why they’re lame and learn to conform. Just a little.
  • Go to at least one conference. Go to at least one UG semi-regularly.
  • Bathe the dog more often. He is a stank factory.
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