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November 07, 2007 by nap · Comments

Merb 0.4 was released earlier today, and the men of Montreal were thus elated. For those that are unfamiliar with it, Merb is a Ruby MVC web framework not unlike Rails, but focused more on speed and minimalism. It’s a lot like a thread-safe closer-to-the-metal reimplementation of ActionPack. This also means it’s ORM agnostic (big, big win) and JavaScript library agnostic. Plugins are just gems (dependency management ftw), and it’s fast and easily extensible. If you haven’t used it before, now’s the time to get started!

gem install merb -y

The release announcement on Ezra’s blog has a nice summary to some of the more significant improvements, and links to more in-depth coverage. Along with the gem update comes a brand spankin new website, to boot. Congrats guys, on what looks like a huge leap forward. I can’t wait to dig in tomorrow.

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