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Holiday Gifts: Ruby 1.9

December 26, 2007 by nap · Comments

Happy holidays everybody. In case you haven’t heard, Ruby 1.9 was released yesterday. If you’re not exhausted from overeating and traveling, I’d encourage you to spend a few minutes taking it for a spin.

Ruby now runs on top of YARV, and these benchmarks indicate that there are some pretty impressive performance increases over 1.8.6. That said, 1.9 is a development release; it’s not currently intended for production use and don’t expect Mongrel or Rails (or various other gems) to run on it just yet.

For more information, Dave Thomas has written a nice, concise list of pros and cons over on his blog, and Mauricio Fernandez has been maintaining a full list of changes found in 1.9. Enjoy!

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