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NetBeans Rocks

August 17, 2007 by nap · Comments

NetBeans really is the BOMB, as Charles Nutter notes over on his blog. Check out that link. I wanted to make sure I echoed his thoughts here, because for me, NetBeans really is the best Rails IDE on the planet. I switched over from IntelliJ some time ago and haven’t regretted it even briefly.

I really can’t say enough things about NetBeans. What other IDE makes it painless to debug (yes debug, within the IDE), refactor, and test your Ruby applications? Plus, the syntax highlighting is rockin and you get all the standard NetBeans goodness out of the box. Don’t want a huge download? No big deal, there’s a slimmed-down Ruby-only version available. Give it a shot. Even if you’re a hardcore Textmate geek, I think you’ll at least be able to see why I’m raving about it.

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