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Can You Feel The Rumble?

September 08, 2007 by nap · Comments

So the Rails Rumble is on! We’ve worked pretty hard to hook this up and it’s great to see it alive and breathing, and #railsrumble buzzing with activity. There were some capacity issues at first (ouch!) but things seem to be going pretty smoothly now.

Greets to Carter Parks, Rodrigo Kochenburger, and Erin & Tommy Shine, who all poured a lot of precious blood into this beastie. And our friends Chris Aker and Tom Asaro at Linode. And our other sponsors too, of course. Oh, and best of luck to all the Rumblers. Launch some cool-ass web properties and win some swag, guys! Hope you’ve got plenty of Red Bull to keep you caffeinated.

Me? I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow in IRC.

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