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Railsconf Registration Open

January 30, 2008 by nap · Comments

Registration for Railsconf 2008 opened earlier today. According to the site, there will be more advanced-level sessions this year, which is definitely a good thing. Last year was a fantastic experience, but it felt like I was constantly stumbling into sessions where the subject matter was a bit too noob-centric (thank goodness for the IRC peanut gallery).

Of course, that said, as with all conferences, the discussions you get into in the hallways and after hours are usually more beneficial than any session you could ever attend anyway. But still, I’m really hoping sessions are labeled with a suggested experience level this year.

Am I going? Honestly don’t know. I’d like to. It’s really an amazing thing to see 1500+ Ruby developers all descending upon one location at one time. That spectacle alone is probably worth the price of admission. Plus, the microbrews in Portland are top-notch. I’m guessing it will sell out, so I better make up my mind sooner rather than later. How about you?

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