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NHRuby & the Importance of User Groups

December 27, 2008 by nap · Comments

There are some changes in store for NHRuby in 2009. Group founder Scott Garman is headed out to the west coast and is therefore stepping down as coordinator, and I’ll be stepping in to fill the void. Over the past 2 years Scott has done a great job getting things started and lining up interesting content. I hope we can keep the momentum going in his absence!

Meetings will continue to be held at RMC Research in Portsmouth (directions), but the dates will shift slightly; from this point forward we’ll be meeting on the third Thursday of the month. We’ve also set up new mailing lists and a new website to document group activities and associated shenanigans. I’ll be migrating more archival material over from the wiki shortly.

The 2009 event calendar kicks off to a great start with a talk by Jon Linowes on January 15th. He’ll be speaking about ReviewRamp, his Rails-based startup, Cucumber integration testing, and his own DynamicRecord framework. If you’re in the southern Maine, New Hampshire, or northern Massachusetts area I really encourage you to come out and hang with us. We’re a small, friendly group, and new people of all skill levels are always welcome.

Never been to your local user group? You’re really missing out. Attending them is a great way to learn firsthand about new ideas and technologies from passionate people who actually give a shit. It’s also a great way to network and find other folks to bounce ideas off of or work on projects with you. The Internet is a great place to meet people too, of course, but there’s just something special about meeting someone in person, being able to pop your hand up in the middle of a talk to get clarification, or grabbing a beer or two after an inspiring discussion. Also, it’s easier to tell if they’re trying to manipulate you into sending them money. If you haven’t yet attended your local user group(s), make it part of your new years resolution to change that.

And if your area doesn’t have a user group? Then start one. You might be surprised at who shows up.

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