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Git Ur Radiant Extensions

March 05, 2008 by nap · Comments

I published a new Radiant extension yesterday: Database Form. It provides a new page type and tags for constructing contact and request info forms and will save user responses to a database table. Those responses can then be exported for use in another application (CRM, etc). See the README for usage and examples. It was extracted from some client work that we’ll be deploying soon.

If this sounds good, you can download or clone it from GitHub. While you’re there, spend a few minutes poking around; GitHub is pretty dang cool. They’ve definitely succeeded in making Git repository hosting stupid simple. Just click a button to create a project, follow a few commands on your local system to import your sources, and you’re off and running. You can then view the repo history, browse the source, see diffs, download a tarball (for easy extension installation in your pre-existing Radiant project), and fork it if you want to add your own features. That’s where things get sweet, of course: Fork the project, make some changes, and send me a pull request so we can merge them into the master branch. All this is possible without GitHub, but it sure does a swell job of streamlining things and abstracting the suck away.

It also exposes the links between developers and their project contributions in a pretty cool way. See the DataMapper project’s “network” page to see what I’m talking about. Ryan Tomayko has pointed out that this sort of interaction starts to smell an awful lot like a MySpace for developers, where lines in the social graph are drawn based on OSS project work. Wow, that’s a cool thought, ain’t it?

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