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Mod_Rails Revealed

April 12, 2008 by nap · Comments

The hardworking hackers over at Phusion finally unveiled Passenger (mod_rails) earlier today. I just moved one of our staging servers over to it and will be playing around with it a bit more over the weekend. So far I’m happy to report that, as advertised, it’s dead easy to use… and the performance seems solid.

I’d write up a tutorial but honestly it’s so simple that it’s completely unnecessary (imagine that!). Check out the updated screencast for all you need to know to get up and running and make sure to dig into the provided docs if you need more. They’re very thorough.

In summary, it’s great to see more Rails deployment options emerging, and it’ll be interesting to see viable shared hosting options for the low-end market too. Although I’m a strong believer in the app server + frontend web server pairing, there are a whole class of applications for which it just seems like overkill.

A hearty ‘nice work’ to everyone involved! Now where’s my mod_rack? :-)

UPDATED 4/12: this blog is now running on mod_rails and Mephisto 0.8!

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