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EC2 Deployment with Rubber

November 17, 2009 by nap · Comments

At NH.rb last night I gave a talk about deploying web applications to the EC2 cloud with Rubber. Rubber is an extension to Capistrano written by Matt Conway that makes provisioning and managing multi-instance EC2 deployments magically delicious [GitHub].

Want to bring up an instant multi-role staging server fully loaded with Apache, Passenger, MySQL, and your Rails app? All gem’d up, migrated, and ready to use? Sure you do. First, sign up for an EC2 account, generate your keypair, and then…

gem install rubber

cd my-rails-project
script/generate vulcanize complete_passenger_mysql
edit config/rubber/rubber.yml

cap rubber:create_staging

It uses a Ubuntu AMI and provisions an EC2 small instance by default. If you added your account credentials and the apt packages and gems you needed to rubber.yml (and provided that there weren’t any unexpected problems), you should now have a fully functional staging server for your web app that you can visit at

Since it’s EC2 you only pay for what you use. What’s more is you can horizontally scale this out with relative ease — breaking out the individual roles to separate instances as needed — and/or add your own custom roles as needed (see the other templates available for examples).

Want to learn more? Peep my slide deck and then check out the Rubber Wiki.

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