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Sinatra Isn't Pushy

March 22, 2009 by nap · Comments

I gave a hands-on introductory talk about Sinatra at last weeks NH.rb meetup. In case anyone is interested, I’m also embedding the slides below. Looks like scribd butchered them a little bit, but you can always download the original set in PPT format or whatever too (follow the link).

As you might expect, my presentation includes a number of borderline awful puns. Probably not as bad as the puns in a typical Git presentation, but still. You have been warned.

A Quick Introduction to Sinatra (NH Ruby) A Quick Introduction to Sinatra (NH Ruby) zapnap

A full meetup report is available as well. You can find the full source for the sample door prize chooser app that we live-coded during the presentation via GitHub.

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