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GitHub has an Apps Platform

May 14, 2009 by nap · Comments

After I pooped out the initial version of a week or two ago, Jeff and I were bullshitting about the kind of stuff we could add to it when he had a bit of an epiphany: “the place for documentation about GitHub projects is on GitHub”. Yes! Of course! Why didn’t we think of that before?

So we registered the “docs” user on GitHub and went about building an extension to based on the GitHub pages platform. As of now, when you enter a project on, it’ll build docs for them locally and also generate a GitHub-themed set and push them to the docs user account pages on GitHub. In fact, you never even have to visit if you don’t want to (although project documentation will continue to be available there). For an example, see Nunemaker’s HTTParty API Docs. Make sure to play with the methods and namespaces buttons in the header.

As far as I know, we’re the first ones to use GitHub pages as an actual “app platform”, which makes me kind of giddy. You can read more about what we did and how we did it over on Jeff’s blog. He deserves most of the credit for this one, including that awesome GitHub YARD theme and more than a fair bit of tricksy JavaScript goodness. Of course, GitHub deserves a lot of credit too, for building an awesome and extensible service. If you run into any issues with the docs stuff (which is still kinda experimental), please report them via the GitHub project. Thanks!

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