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June 01, 2009 by nap · Comments

I’m currently available for consulting work. I took a bit of time off for some personal projects and a much-needed spring vacation and now I’m once again ready to dive into an interesting client / startup project. Are you looking for a motivated, opinionated, yet thoughtful Ruby developer who enjoys mountain biking, foreign cinema, and long walks on the beach?

  • Web Development: My core expertise is end-to-end web application development for Ruby, Rails, or Sinatra projects – If you’re looking for a project lead or a team to build your next big web application, I can help. Or if you need an additional hand to augment the development speed or best practices of your existing team, I’m happy to do that too.
  • Code Reviews: Concerned about the quality of your codebase or maybe just looking to get an outside perspective? Reviews include analysis of your code organization and structure, test coverage and effectiveness, and overall complexity / runtime efficiency.

In addition to the Ruby skill set, I’m also well-versed in JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript, social media tools, and the other standard systems and services that the web is built on. If you’ve read this blog and browsed my OSS project contributions, you already know that I’m passionate about technology, embrace web standards, and thoroughly enjoy working on innovative new ideas. I’ve also read a lot of comic books, and listen to all sorts of weird music, in case that helps.

I can provide references and an expanded portfolio by request; a rather smallish selection of work samples is currently visible on my freelance business micro-site. If you’re interested, you can get in touch via email (nap at zerosum dot org) or contact me on Twitter.

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