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The Way They Were Inside

June 23, 2009 by nap · Comments

Last night we headed to Londonderry NH to view our submission to the 2009 48 Hour Film Project on the big screen alongside all the other New Hampshire submissions. In case you haven’t been following my tumblr (where I tend to post less techie things), I thought I’d double-post it here for your viewing pleasure:

For those of you that don’t know, the 48HFP is a filmmaking challenge to write, shoot, and edit a short 5-7 minute film in a weekend. It was also probably the biggest single influence in our putting together the Rails Rumble, which follows a similar model but is geared towards web development and tech startup bootstrapping.

It’d been a couple of years since I last participated in the project (when I was living in Boston, attempting to make bad sci-fi movies). This time around John Herman, our director, ran the project like a sea captain leading a battleship to war. It really demonstrated, to me, the power of having a consistent vision and the right people lined up to do the right jobs ahead of time. Although I’m a little bummed that I missed out on being part of the crew due to prior obligations this year, being on the brainstorming / writing team was a great experience, and I probably would have just gotten in the way during production anyway ;-).

In filmmaking as with development, constraints are a powerful thing, and the 48HFP is a real showcase of this. It also demonstrates that many of the fundamentals of the "Getting Real" philosophy can be applied equally well to all sorts of art forms and mediums. IE, don’t let time limitations or overcommitted schedules stop you from showing off your bountiful awesome.

If you’ve got a few minutes, check out, where you can watch a bunch of other 48HFP films — I think you’ll be impressed by the creativity in a lot of them, not to mention the production values they achieved under duress. Props to John, Dan Freund, Ryan Plaisted, Bodhipaksa, and everyone else who was involved. And thanks for letting me tag along.

Winners of the NH competition will be announced at the upcoming “Best of NH” screening, and the winner of that will move on to compete in Filmapalooza at NAB Las Vegas 2010. Many of the other films we saw last night were pretty incredible, including entries from local filmmakers like Marc Dole and Bill Rogers, so I’m not holding my breath just yet, but it certainly would be cool. Either way, the best part of these things isn’t winning, but rather seeing what you can do, and watching other people bring their A-game too. It’s inspiring.

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